Go no-where Low Earth Orbit?

As a consequence of  World Financial Crisis, some countries worldwide have decided to drastically reduce their budgets cutting their money efforts in miriad of small private and public projects.
As we all attonished see, NASA has been "redirected" to LEO applications and not too expensive research abroad.

Is it correct? NASA has built most of America's Innovative and Extraordinary Space prestige, since preliminary approaches into a well different technologycal world to present days.
Is it prestige important? Not only important, is part of the American living tradition,and, by extension, it's practically a fact  this preeminency signs and lights the free world Hope and Support for a Leading Nation historical success.
If budget is important for any Administration, most world countries wait for signals from the Spatial, Scientific and Technologycal Leader in order to sustain the same freedom and traditional path.
Most till today non-competitives countries -but surely approaching to, and very happy to go almost alone over their spatial road- will become Spatial-route non controlled partners.
Is there any change in world's spatial itinerary for pacific applications and leadership projects without NASA experienced people and well founded scientific background?
Indeed, we are approaching to a new era of private, political, economic and military interests no only in LEO but in deep space considerations, including military applicastions.
Are all Humans going to passively observe a kind of outer space exploration without ethic and experienced NASA participation?
Is the world's military space exploration and utilization going to be accomplished without rock solid experience and ethic confrontation?
It's not only a matter of money, the rest of the world rights and dreams are closely tied to at least NASA, ESA and other recognized agencies.
And the Ethic? Does it will survive?
And, the resultant Space application's money, will be ?
What about Voyager 1, Mars robots, Kepler Mission, Cassini-Huygens, Curiosity rover, Mars future landing  research, future Manned trips and exploration, etc.? Are they all be attended in function of money fluctuation in NASA future budgets?

We, at foreign world countries hope, think and wait for  different contexted procedures. NASA history of success and experience is not only American's patrimony, is what World Free countries abroad need for sustaintable developing, waiting for new horizons in discoveries, Science and Technology for a better and peacefully success of tomorrow's  world's future.

Luis A. Loureiro
Major (Retired) Uruguayan Army